UAE Tourist visa fee exemption for children


The UAE General directorate of Immigration has decided to excempt children from obtaining tourist visas. This has brought many as how it can be obtain. Many people has a misconception that it can be availed on arrival. The rules states that children under 18 years can avail visa fee exemption if they travel with their parents to UAE. They can travel with either father or mother who is travelling to UAE in tourist visa.

According to a Cabinet decision passed in July 2018, tourists do not have to pay visa fee for their children while visiting the UAE between July 15 and September 15.

The visa fee exemption is beneficial to children provided they are accompanied by their parents.

Though its visa fee exception, there will be a small amount of service charge imposed for the same. It should vary from travel agency you take from and should range between AED 100- AED 150. July to September are off-peak season for tourists. So, this move by the government will definitely encourage more families to visit the UAE during the summer months.

You can avail this from Travel agencies, National airline carriers and Hotels.The authority called on tourists planning to visit the UAE this summer to benefit from this waiver, which saves money and encourages people to choose the UAE as a tourist destination.

In addition to facilitating the procedures and completion of transactions as soon as possible, the authority instructed officials at all entry points of the country to receive them with a smile and welcome, and represent the humanitarian and cultural tradition of the country and its openness to the cultures and peoples of the world.

Tourists can benefit from the latest tourist visa fee waiver rules between July 15 and September 15 each year.