WhatsApp’s Status tab gets a big update: Here’s how you can use it


WhatsApp’s latest update makes it easier for users to share Status directly to Facebook. Here’s how it works.

WhatsApp is now making it easier for users to share their Status stories to Facebook. Part of the beta version for weeks, the feature is now rolling out to Android users. Here’s how you can directly share your WhatsApp Status to Facebook.

To begin, download the latest WhatsApp version on your smartphone. Check your update settings on your Play Store to download the new version. After you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp, open the app on your Android smartphone.

Scroll to the Status tab on the app. Tap to upload or publish a new Status. Next, upload a photo or video from your phone or shoot a new one, and upload it as Status.

You will get a prompt to “share to Facebook Story.” Tap on the prompt. Now, you’ve entered Facebook Story interface, which allows you to customise the photo as per your preference. Here, you can also choose to personalise sharing of the photo with your friends or select friends. Edit and publish.

The ‘share to Facebook Story’ isn’t the only new feature WhatsApp has added to Status. The company is also working on a new system which will make it easier for users to manage contacts they’ve muted. At the moment, you will see grayscaled updates from contacts you’ve muted in the Status section. The new feature, which is part of the latest WhatsApp Beta versions, completely hides these muted contacts.

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