Social media influencer fined Dh300,000 in UAE


The court also ordered that his social media accounts be shut down.

A well-known social media influencer in Abu Dhabi, who was convicted of posting objectionable content that violated public morality and undermined the UAE national currency on social media, has had his Dh300,000 fine maintained on appeal.

The Abu Dhabi Appellant Court upheld an earlier ruling by the Court of First Instance which found the man guilty of using social media sites to publish material that would prejudice public morals and for defaming the UAE national currency.

Official court documents the Arab man posted objectionable content on various social media accounts which included video content that violated public morality and undermined the national currency.

The unacceptable video content was viewed by the man’s huge followers on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.  

Public Prosecutors in Abu Dhabi said the national currency bears the name and emblem of the state, and therefore its moral value is greater than its material value and that any behavior that could offend the currency is criminal according to the UAE law.

Prosecutors had charged the social media influencer with violating online laws and undermining the national currency.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance had fined him Dh300,000 and also ordered him not to appear on social media for a period of one year. The court also ordered that his social media accounts be shut down.

The man challenged the ruling to the appellant court which has rejected his appeal and maintained the first ruling.

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