Pakistan cleric Maulana Tariq Jameel apologises for remarks during coronavirus telethon


Questions have been raised on Maulana Tariq’s accusations.
Renowned Pakistani cleric Maulana Tariq Jameel has apologised for his remarks against media houses in the country and around the world. During a national telethon that aimed to raise funds for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic, Maulana Tariq had accused media houses of being liars and demanded that the organisations be more truthful. During a talk show, he admitted that this was a slip of tongue (“This happens, as I speak a lot,” he said).

Attacking the international press and one back home during the course of telethon, Maulana Tariq had remarked, “The prime minister is here, media anchorpersons are here… Do we consider how we are going to face the day of judgement due to our deceitfulness?” Cementing his jibe against the media, he also cited an unnamed owner of a media house in Pakistan. “The owner of a mainstream channel asked me for some advise; I told him to abolish all incorrect news from his channel. The owner replied that in case that was done the channel would be finished but twisting of facts would not end… This is not just here, but media the world over is the same.”

With the telethon ending with prayers, the anchors present on the show could not duly respond. Though in the aftermath of the incident, questions have been raised on Maulana Tariq’s accusations, including a demand to name the media house owner who, according to the cleric, had allegedly remarked that there is no end to fake news.

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