Live show to stoke patriotic fervour on UAE National Day


The event will take place at the Zayed Sport City Stadium in Abu Dhabi on December 2.

Residents will get immersed in stories of courage and pride during the National Day celebrations this year.

Legacy of our Ancestors, a monumental theatrical masterpiece, will showcase stories from the past that reflect the country’s values long-embedded in its heritage and culture. The event will take place at the Zayed Sport City Stadium in Abu Dhabi on December 2.

The performance will take spectators on a fascinating historical exploration inspired by local folklore. The timeless narrative will be brought to life under the special effects of the moon through live performances, digital art and visual and sound effects. Audience will be captivated with stories about people who are resilient and resourceful, honourable and devoted. The performances will encapsulate the greatness of the UAE’s ancestors, a spirit that has carried through today and will into the future.

“The epic scale of this production, coupled with the rich tapestry of values derived from our most precious of stories, will ensure Legacy of Our Ancestors reaches a theatrical level never experienced before in the UAE. The show will create a sense of pride and serve as a fitting masterpiece,” said Saeed Al Suwaidi, organising committee representative of the official 48th UAE National Day Celebration.

“With more than 200 nationalities proudly calling the UAE home, our National Day remains a much-loved calendar date for Emiratis and expatriates alike. We hope ‘Legacy of Our Ancestors’ will shine a greater light on the stories of our past that continue to shape our future.”

A limited number of tickets will be available at 

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