Kuwait team restores eyesight for Syrian girl


A Kuwaiti medical team has helped to restore the eyesight of Serena, a 6-year-old Syrian refugee.

Serena’s family fled the Syrian regime to Jordan, where her parents were unable to afford the cataract surgery she needed to be able to see properly, the Kuwait Red Crescent Society said.

But this week a team of specialist Kuwaiti doctors and surgeons travelled to Jordan to carry out operations for Syrians at Jordanian refugee camps, and Serena was successfully treated.

In videos shared of the moment Serena has her bandage removed, her surgeon, Dr Khaled Al Sabti, asks her: “Can you see?” to which she nods yes. She then tells Dr Al Sabti he is holding up two fingers.

In an adorable follow-up, Dr Al Sabti brings her gifts, asking her if she can see him as he enters the room.

The Kuwaiti team have performed 90 operations for Syrian refugees in Jordan on their most recent visit, a collaboration between the Kuwaiti and Jordanian Red Crescent charities and Kuwaiti Finance House.

The surgeries form part of various initiatives Kuwaitis are helping with in Jordanian refugee camps, including food aid and the handing out of cash cards to help alleviate the economic troubles camp residents are facing.

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