Housemaid raped while sleeping by sponsor in Dubai villa


The manager sneaked into the Ugandan woman’s room in the morning.

A 36-year-old expat has been charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance for allegedly raping his housemaid as she slept.

The court heard how the expat, a Pakistani manager, sneaked into the Ugandan woman’s room in the morning of August 18. He took advantage that the door was unlocked and that she was sleeping to allegedly force himself on her. A complaint was lodged at Al Barsha police station. The manager has been placed in detention.

The complainant, a 30-year-old, said that she was sleeping when she felt that she was being raped. “I woke up around 9am and found my sponsor over me. I pushed him away and he was naked then. I asked him what he was doing. He said he thought that I liked it. I told him to leave my room.”

The housemaid then walked out of the house, crying. She reported the incident to the police. “My room door was not locked. I sleep deep. I did not feel him when he began touching and groping me. It was only when he was raping me that I woke up,” she said during investigation.

A police sergeant said that he was on patrol duty when they were alerted about a sexual assault incident at a villa. “We found the complainant crying outside the villa. The woman looked scared as she recounted to us how her sponsor had entered her room on the pretext of changing the door lock and then raped her while she was sleeping.”

The sergeant said that the accused confessed that he got inside the woman’s room to change the door lock. “The defendant admitted he raped the woman, claiming he thought she was consenting to it as she was then awake but did not have any reaction.”

During the police interrogation, the defendant claimed that when he saw the woman sleeping on her stomach, he thought that she wanted him to have sex with her. “I began touching her and then she was surprised by me over her and pushed me away.”

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