Assaulting man in Dubai, 4 fined Dh5,000 each


They beat the complainant up, leaving him with a fractured arm.

Five Asian men, allegedly involved in a fight at a clothing shop, have had their case heard by a Dubai court.

Four of them have each been ordered to pay a Dh5,000 fine after the Dubai Court of Misdemeanors found them guilty of assault charges.

The fifth man – the complainant with whom they had the fight – has been cleared of assaulting and insulting one of the defendants.

A complaint was lodged at Al Rafaa police station.

The case dates back to August 20 when the four accused, all friends, working as salesmen for a clothing shop, had a heated fight over customers with the other man.

They thought that the latter had been inciting people not to buy from their shop.

The court cleared one of them of the charge of stealing Dh16,200 from the complainant.

According to public prosecution records, they beat the complainant up, leaving him with a fractured arm.

The forensic report showed that the complainant suffered a severe left arm fracture, which took more than 20 days to be healed.

The complainant told the investigators that the incident happened when he was at a shop in Al Karama. “I was surprised by the defendants storming into the place, punching and kicking me.”

During investigation, the first accused admitted to having caused the victim injury after pushing him – together with the other defendants – to the ground.

Defence lawyer Hani Hammouda of Kefah Al Zaabi Firm for Advocacy and Legal Consultancy, who represented the four accused, requested the court to clear his clients. “The man, who was allegedly beaten up, gave contradictory statements during interrogation.”

Hammouda argued that there was no evidence that one of his clients robbed the complainant of cash in spite of the presence of surveillance cameras in the shop.

“All the defendants said that it was the complainant who initiated the fight after he verbally abused one of them.”

Besides, the fracture seen on the complainant’s body had nothing to do with the incident. It was an old injury, Hammouda said in his defence arguments.

The verdict is final.

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