Woman’s Dh150,000 Dubai traffic fine cancelled.


The woman had accumulated the fines on two cars.
An Emirati housewife was on Monday surprised when she found out that her traffic violations amounting to Dh150,000 had been waived as part of the Dubai Police traffic fines discount initiative.

Amira Ismael had accumulated the fines on two cars. She hadn’t been able to renew the licence of the two vehicles for more than two years because of the heavy burden of the fines.

The Dubai Police on Monday announced that their traffic fine initiative wherein motorists can get up to a 100 per cent discount is back. The second edition of the initiative began as soon as the first edition ended on February 6 this year.

As many as 557,430 motorists benefited from the Dubai Police traffic fines discount initiative over the last year, it was announced today.

A total of Dh546,970,930 was saved by these motorists who availed of this initiative, the police added. On average, a motorist saved Dh981.24 because of the initiative.

Additionally, traffic deaths during the period went down by 16 per cent, while major injuries saw a 38 per cent decline.

Of the beneficiaries, 114,769 were males, and 444,661 were females.

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