Validity of expired UAE visa extended for one more month.


This extension applies to visit visas that expired after March 1

The Validity of expired visit visa of UAE has been extended for a period of one month starting from 11th August 2020. Earlier UAE immigration had announced that individuals on visit and tourist visas have to extend their visa before 11th Aug 2020 or exit the country. Now they have decided to extend for one more month.

The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship in the UAE announced a month’s extension of grace period on visit visas that expired after March 1. The authorities announced the extension on August 10, which was the initially announced deadline for these visit visa holders.

The one month additional grace period is to start on August 11.

The tweet announcing the grace period stated: “The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship extends the grace period for holders of expiring entry permits, starting from 11 / 8 / 2020 for a period of one month, with the aim of enabling them to leave the country with exemption from all fines during this period.”

This announcement allows these visit visa holders to leave the country without paying overstay fines for a month starting August 11. The overstay fines for expired visit visa are Dh200 for the first day and then Dh100 for each day after that. 

Earlier, authorities had announced that holders of entry permits expired before March 1 would have to leave the UAE by August 18 – this remains unchanged as of now.

What should I do now?

Those who have already extended their visas through one of the many tour companies in Dubai have nothing to worry about. For those who have not extended the visas yet, its better to wait a week or so and then approach any tour companies that process UAE visas.

How much does it cost to extend my visa?

Visa extension takes around 3-4 days to process and prices start from 1750 AED.

Do I extend my visa right away or wait a few days?

Its better to wait for a week or so if you have not extended your visa yet. Now that there is an extension for one more month it better to wait a week or two so as to maximize your stay in UAE.

Where can I extend my UAE visa?

There are many travel and tour operators in UAE. Seaman Tours is one of the most reputed among the tour operators in Dubai. The company has a history spanning over 30 years in Dubai and is well experienced in the visa change field.

Seaman Tours office in Al Qusais Dubai. One of the most popular visa change companies in UAE

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