Unwind Café… a unique board game café in the UAE


“Unwind” is a specialty board game café opened in Dubai by Vaihundan Paramalingam, his sister Hamsa Paramalingam and their friend Saif Rahman with the aim of encouraging families and friend to connect through playing board games together.

The café offers more than 600 different types of board games suitable for all ages and nationalities and the collection continues to grow all the time!

Vaihundan Paramalingam, CEO of the café said: “What pleases us the most is to see the reaction of customers who played board games in the past and when they enter the café and see them on the shelves.”

He added: “The best thing about this place is that there is no language barrier when it comes to board games. Visitors only need to come and learn how to play with the help of our well-trained gamming professional staff.”

Hamsa Paramalingam, Chief Financial Officer of the café said that none of their gamming professional staff have mastered all the games yet because she is constantly buying new games.

The three friends assert that Dubai has helped them to achieve their dreams as they have found help and enthusiasm in every department they visited during the process of starting their project.

“The staff in all the departments we visited were delighted with our project, and said they would finally have a place to play board games in Dubai,” said Vaihundan.

If you’re a board games fan, Unwind Cafe offers a unique gaming night every Tuesday for Dh27 only. Watch this video to learn more interesting details about this unique place in Dubai.

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