UAE starts poll to gauge Covid-19 impact, satisfaction on response


Aiming to identify the social impact of the pandemic and rethink initiatives to meet the needs of the community, the Ministry of Community Development (MoCD) has started an online survey.

The poll, available in Arabic and English, was recently circulated to all employees the government to ensure maximum participation, the ministry said.

Respondents are asked 51 questions related to social realities, variables and behaviours under the current circumstances, including education, jobs, number of family members like children studying at school or university, as well as senior citizens in the household.

The survey attempts to identify how the community sees the Covid-19 virus and how much information they know about the infection and transmission. It also asks whether a family member, supporting staff, relatives, friends or co-workers have been infected.

It then measures the satisfaction of members of the community in terms of awareness campaigns, and identifies people’s knowledge of personal precautions for virus prevention, such as constantly washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining a safe distance, avoiding crowds and gatherings, among others.

The poll also explores the community’s feedback on the government’s several initiatives to the fight the pandemic, seeking to gauge how satisfied they are with how the crisis has been handled.

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