UAE judge orders son to kiss father on the head


The court of misdemeanors in Ras Al Khaimah ended a dispute that began over Dh17,000

Ras Al Khaimah: The Court of Misdemeanors managed to successfully end a dispute between son and father by ordering a kiss on the forehead as a sign of forgiveness.

The young man, in his 20s, first filed a complaint when his father was unable to return Dh17,000 that he allegedly seized from the son. In retaliation, the elder man, in his 60s, filed another complaint and accused his son of assault and for damaging the contents of the family home.

According to court documents, the Public Prosecution charged the son with three counts that included the damage of private property, insult and assault.

Chief Judge Fathi Al Qallaa, who presided the court hearing, urged both parties to drop the charges and reminded the young man about all that he owed his father.

Chief Judge Fathi Al Qallaa said both complainants would emotionally lose if the trial continued any further. He also explained that it is the duty of children to show respect to their parents, as practiced in Islam and in the Arab culture.

The young man then agreed to withdraw the case, while the father offered to pay the court charges.

The court hearing ended up tears as the duo held each other in a tight embrace, as the son then kissed his father’s head while expressing his remorse over the incident.

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