UAE-based forensic investigator, each case is a mystery


Farouq is specialised in forensic investigation and comes from a criminology and criminal psychology background.

For Khaled Farouq, an Emirati, back in the early 90s, there was not much to see in Jumeirah. “When I was growing up, I would only be able to go to the beach or visit my cousins’ house to play soccer. If we were really lucky, we would go to Al Safa Park or Al Nasr Leisureland. The beach centre was another spot that was quite popular back in the days.”

Farouq is specialised in forensic investigation and comes from a criminology and criminal psychology background. He is the CEO and owner of Advisory Resilience UAE – a firm that specialises in financial advisory services. Forensics is just one among the services that his firm offers. “I have learned over the years that relations and humanity are above all and that money is not everything. The UAE Rulers have taught us to live with such principles. At my firm, I have done a lot of pro bono work to assist people in need. I have seen a lot of people who were duped into paying others for services that weren’t required.

“I have always been intrigued by the human behaviour and that is the reason why I chose this field specifically. This field comes with its own challenges, which is what keeps me occupied most of the time. Each case is like a mystery that needs to be solved and that is the exciting part of the job.”

He keeps precious memories of his childhood. “I remember hanging out in Jumeirah with my friends and cousins. There was a gaming arcade that was quite the hangout for everyone to meet and mingle.

“I also remember playing soccer with my friends from the neighbourhood on the street and sometimes in the sand filled with stones. It was a different environment back then. People were more social and willing to spend time with each other. A lot has changed now with the developments in the area and many don’t have time for social mingling. The beach we used to go to is inaccessible now due to the construction works. The arcade in the beach centre has now shut down, among many other things that have changed over the years.

“The culture that I promote in my firm is a culture of trust, respect and integrity which is also our slogan. I believe that these are fundamentals that should be at the heart of every company for the utmost transparency. I am deeply inspired by the UAE Rulers as we have seen the way Dubai has developed over the years, all of which came with its own challenges.

Farouq says he is confident Dubai will progress much more in the coming years by the grace of the Almighty. In the times when Farouq is not working, he loves to travel. He is also passionate about collecting watches. He collects all kinds of mechanical watches from low end to high end. He also has a few vintage watches in his possession.

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