Train to Malgudi: Reliving your childhood days will soon be a reality


Boarding a train to Malgudi will soon become a reality for all the fans of the iconic television series Malgudi Days.

Boarding a train to Malgudi will soon become a reality for all the fans of the iconic television series Malgudi Days. The Arisamala railway station in Shivamogga district is all set to be renamed as Malgudi railway station.

During the eighties and nineties, countless were glued to their TV sets when the series was being played on Doordarshan. The now-iconic jingle of the series, created by L Vaidyanathan echoed in the households of many.

In addition, a Malgudi days museum is also being constructed near the present railway station, which was featured as Malgudi railway station in the series.

Artist John Devaraj, who is in charge of the project, is making sure to leave no stone unturned to bring alive the fictional station of Malgudi.

“I am trying to recreate Malgudi right here, the way it was created, trying to incorporate all the elements that went into the creation of Malgudi,” said John Devaraj.

Malgudi Days was adapted from the collection of classic short stories written by Indian writer R.K. Narayan.

The television series, directed by Shankar Nag, gained worldwide recognition for its gripping plot and interesting enactment of its characters by some of the most celebrated Indian actors including the late Girish Karnad.

The project is being funded jointly South-Western railways and local Shivamogga Member of Parliament BY Raghavendra, son of Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa.

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