“Trackimo” World’s smallest baby car-seat GPS tracker launched at Gitex Technology Week


Trackimo, an Israeli-owned American IoT solution-provider, has made the device that measures 4 cm

Trackimo, an Israeli-owned American IoT (Internet of Things) solution-provider that develops the world’s most compact and cost-effective tracking devices, has launched world’s smallest baby car-seat GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker, Trackimo Universal 3G, at the ongoing Gitex Technology Week in Dubai.

The car seat is connected via Bluetooth.

This tiny tracking device, which measures around 4 centimetres (cm), allows the owner to track anything from anywhere coupled with constant real-time tracking and worldwide coverage.

The commercial launch of the product is expected soon, as Trackimo is planning to set up an office in Dubai in the next couple of months.

The listed price is around $35 (Dh128.55) and an additional $3 (Dh11.02) as the monthly service fee, which can be paid via the Trackimo application (app).

Shai Bar-lavi, chief executive officer (CEO), Trackimo, said: “As a parent, your child’s safety is of utmost importance. Although this is a world of instant communication, sometimes a smartphone simply isn’t enough to ensure the safety of your children. A teenager can choose to send your call straight to voicemail; a seven-year-old may not even have a smartphone. A GPS child tracking device in such cases becomes a must-have accessory. The situation becomes serious if it’s a baby that is left behind in a car. However, the rising temperatures inside the car can prove lethal for the baby and can even cause death. We have launched our tracking device during the Gitex show to ensure that babies are safe all through their journey in any form of transportation.”

The device has embedded features such as geo-fencing, speed monitoring, SOS (save our soul) button, and an ability to manage multiple devices in one account.

The company specialises in making trackers that work seamlessly indoors and outdoors, worldwide.

Trackimo’s smart GPS GSM, Wi-Fi trackers are purposed for personal, professional, industrial, and commercial use. “This tracking device generates alerts in the form of a phone call automatically and alerts people registered on the device the moment the car temperature goes beyond the normal. This helps them to immediately locate the car and save a life,” the CEO said.

“We want to bring our global industry expertise to the UAE and Bahrain after having worked in 60 plus countries around the world,” he added.

Trackimo also has a robust fleet management tracking solution that provides real-time asset monitoring and protection of high-value and remote assets, increasing accountability, efficiency, responsiveness, safety, and savings.

Trackimo empowers drone owners to LIVE track their drone crafts with its lightweight trackers that do not come in the way of the drone’s performance. “We had a great turnout at Gitex so far, and it has really helped us in establishing many new connections. The show is proving to be a great platform for Trackimo to establish its footprint in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and expand into other markets,” he signed off.

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