Shams award for setting up over 2,500 companies across UAE in 2021 to A&A Associate


Leading Dubai consultants, A&A Associate was recently awarded the title of ‘Highest Performing Channel Partner for the year for 2021’ by Sharjah Media Free Zone, for helping set up over 2,500 companies across the UAE.

“These numbers demonstrate our resilience as a business community that fought Covid concerns together responsibly at a time when the world was hit a fresh wave of the pandemic. We never stopped doing business in Dubai or UAE. In fact, more people launched their dream companies, and I am sure these numbers will grow,” said Robin Philip, the founder of A&A Associate, who received the award from Shams’ director of operations Majid AlMulla and Feras Salibi, director of Licensing & Clients Relations at Sharjah Media City (Shams).

With a team of qualified and trained legal, management and auditing professionals, A&A is one stop business setup company that delivers total business solutions in the most efficient and cost-effective ways.

“We have transformed dreams into realities for close to 10,000 business owners in under three years and this laurel comes at a perfect time when business sentiments in the country are on the rise thanks to UAE’s landmark Corporate Tax regime announcement last week,” said Philip, referring to the federal corporate tax on business profits that will be effective from June 2023.

“From rudimentary paperwork to obtaining legal and operational licenses, we fulfill all business set up requirements for a business to be fully operational. In a challenging economy where working remotely and hybrid workweeks are the trends, setting up a business has never been easier,” added Philip.

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