Pakistani worker on trial accused of raping 13-year-old girl in Dubai


Dubai: A worker is on trial accused of the rape and sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl after luring her on Instagram, a Dubai court heard on Monday.

The girl’s 62-year-old father, originally from Philippines, testified that in December of last year, he noticed his daughter return late and sit in front of her laptop for several hours.

“I confronted her with my doubts and she told me that she was in love with a man, and that she had an illegal affair with him,” the father said.

The father reported the incident to Bur Dubai Police station.

Officers arrested a 27-year-old Pakistani worker who admitted to having an illegal affair with the girl three times.

He claimed that he knew the girl through Instagram and met her on the rooftop of her building where he watched a porn clip with her.

Dubai Public Prosecution said the defendant didn’t care about the girl’s age or family conditions.

Prosecution asked for the toughest punishment against the Pakistani defendant.

The defendant was charged with having illegal affair with the girl.

A verdict is expected on June 25. Until then the defendant remains in police custody.

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