Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew caught in accident row


A video showed him exchanging harsh words with a car driver and kicking the car in the presence of two policemen.

A mobile phone video of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew, Hassaan Niazi, has surfaced where he’s seen misbehaving with a commuter following a minor road accident, it was reported.

The video showed Niazi exchanging harsh words with a car driver and kicking the car in the presence of two policemen, Dawn news reported on Saturday, January 11.

The policemen present there averted any physical clash between the two after Niazi tried to grab the commuter.

A police official said the incident occurred following a minor accident between the cars of Niazi and the other man on Zafar Ali Road.

Niazi got out of his car and snatched the keys from the man, holding him responsible for the accident.

This led to a heated argument between the two, the official said, adding that on being alerted, police managed to resolve the matter amicably.

Earlier, another video of Niazi had gone viral during his participation in a lawyers’ rally before attacking the Punjab Institute of Cardiology, inviting widespread criticism, Dawn news said.

He was later indicted in the case lodged against several lawyers who attacked the hospital.

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