New rules for Ajman massage, beauty centres issued


Ajman issues a ‘Standard Guide’ for customers, including dos and don’ts.

New stringent regulations are to be implemented in massage centres and beauty salons in Ajman to ensure they adhere to health and safety standards. The Ajman Department of Economic Development (DED-Ajman) and Ajman Municipality is introducing these rules across the emirate.

Abdulla bin Nasser Al Nuaimi, director of Control and Consumer Protection Department at DED-Ajman, said that the department and municipality launched a joint awareness campaign targeting all such centers to make them familiar with  the new requirements that need to be followed.

He added that the move was aimed at promoting compliance by facilities licenced in Ajman so that they stick to requirements of safe and healthy business activity.

Al Nuaimi pointed out that the awareness campaign, which will continue till the end of October, would try to regularise facilities conducting business in violation of approved norms by giving them a grace period to rectify their situation. “DED is keen to ensure that all the facilities licenced in the emirate comply with the laws and regulations that safeguard the rights of consumers.”

Intensified inspections

The municipality official said that following the awareness campaign, the civic body will start its intensified inspection and crackdown targeting these centers to ensure that they are complying with new regulations. The inspection team will issue warnings to violators to  mend their situation and in case they fail to do so, they will face hefty fines and even closures.

Al Nuaimi added that the campaign is part of the strategic partnership between the DED and municipality and it will be carried out to implement the ‘Standard Guide’ targeting the centres. Field visits to the centers will be conducted by a joint team, including female inspectors to make women aware about the new regulations. During the campaign, the ‘Standard Guide’ – printed in different languages – will be distributed to reach a wide audience,” he added.

Abdulla Abdulrazak Al Tamimi, director of public health department at Ajman Municipality, said that the civic body seeks to ensure that the ‘Standard Guide’ during massage, beauty and personal care activity is complied with.

The municipality has recently received a large number of complaints from customers of ladies and gents beauty salons as well as massage centers regarding poor services and sub-standard quality of products, lack of hygiene, smoking inside the premises among others. The municipality will show zero tolerance towards those who try to endanger public health in order to make profit.

What does the ‘Standard Guide’ say

The ‘Standard Guide’ includes a set of requirements that guarantees the conduct of the massage and beauty business in a proper manner that serves consumers as well as protects their rights.

It stipulates that the area of the place must not be less than 2,000sq.ft, with the area of the massage room not less than 150sq.ft.

The gents centers must employ only men and ladies centers only women, and this should be mentioned on the board displayed by the centers.

Only qualified and approved staff must deliver the service. The service must not be provided to those aged under 18 years.

The center should neither operate after 12 midnight nor provide any unauthorised medical and treatment services.

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