New helpline: Dial 909 in Abu Dhabi to report Covid-19 case


Now, residents in Abu Dhabi can call cops on the hotline 909 to report a Covid-19 case and help bring patients to medical facilities.

The new helpline will connect callers to the Abu Dhabi Police’s operations centre in Musaffah area that is primarily dedicated to concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Supporting efforts to fight the spread of Covid-19, the centre handles enquiries and reports about cases of infection, especially at workers’ accommodations. It seeks to help workers in Musaffah get the assistance they need amid the situation.

First Col Fadel Ghadier Al Shamsi, director of the Musaffah Police Station, said the centre operates round the clock, ready to answer all incoming calls from individual callers, companies and accommodations.

“It is staffed with an interpreter who can respond to callers of Asian nationalities. Cases of coronavirus shall be transported in ambulances,” he said.

First Lt Abdullah Mohammad Saleh, liaison officer at the quarantine operating room, said that once a report is received, the team conducts an assessment on-site to determine whether a patient is in critical condition or not.

“If the case is critical, the patient will be directly transferred to the hospital. If patients are in stable condition, we refer them to the quarantine centres,” he added.

The Covid-19 testing campaign for groups of residents living in high-density areas in the emirate, including Musaffah, is under way as part of the National Screening Programme.

Last Thursday, the sixth phase of the sterilisation programme and Covid-19 screening in Musaffah began in the area’s Block 37. The programme, which aims to prevent the spread of the virus, is being implemented by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health in partnership with relevant entities.

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