Naked man who attacked police jailed in Dubai


Dubai: A man who allegedly showed up naked at a woman’s house before attacking police, was sentenced to three months in jail, a Dubai court heard on Thursday.

Police responded to a report of 21-year-old Emirati man seen naked at a house in Bur Dubai in August this year and the Arab woman who reported the incident said he was a friend of her son.

“While we were questioning her, the defendant went outside the house but then returned,” said a police officer. “The woman claimed that he entered the house several times without her permission. She was scared to report him but when he entered the house again she decided to alert us,” added the officer.

The two officers asked the defendant to get inside a patrol car but he refused, the court heard. Police also tried to tie his hands but he pushed one of the officers and hurt his lip.

“I held him from behind and he kept striking me with his elbow,” said the officer. “My mate tried to help me control the defendant but he kept assaulting us until we managed to put him inside the patrol and take him to the police station.”

Medical reports revealed that both officers suffered swollen lips and minor injuries to their legs and shoulders.

Public Prosecution charged the defendant with physical assault.

The defendant confessed to the charge during questioning.

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