Mum wants son jailed, fined Dh50,000 in UAE for insulting her


“You better go to a nightclub than stay at home.”

An Arab mother hauled her son into the Fujairah Misdemeanour Court for swearing at her. She wanted him jailed and fined at least Dh50,000, records showed.

It all started with an argument, where the son allegedly hurled insults at his mother.
He reportedly used abusive words and yelled at her, saying things like: “You better go to a nightclub than stay at home.”

The angry mum then filed a complaint against him at the Fujairah Police and asked the court to send him to jail, on top of having to pay a hefty fine.

The young man, however, denied the charges in court.

He explained that he, his mother and father were trying to settle a dispute between his parents at the family court.

“I was standing by my father who I believed was right, but I never swore at my mother,” he said.

His mother reportedly got upset that he chose to support his father.

“I believe she filed a case against me only for taking the side of my dad.”

The son requested the court to dismiss the case and hear his two witnesses, who could testify that he did not insult his mother.

The trial was adjourned, and the witnesses shall be heard in the next session.

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