Multiple traffic accidents break out on major UAE roads, drivers delayed for 1 hour


A series of accidents on MBZ Road, Sheikh Zayed Road cause massive jams on Wednesday

Dubai: Wednesday’s traffic woes cause heavy delays for motorists who were stuck in their morning commute for over one hour due to accidents.

A series of accidents affected traffic flow from Sharjah into Dubai, most notably on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road – a popular route chosen by many who opt not to pay the Salik Toll Gate.

As many as three accidents broke out within the hour in the direction towards Dubai, causing major tailbacks from Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF Zone) until the interchange of Mirdif City Centre.

Dubai Police reported that an accident also happened at 7.30am in the direction towards Sharjah, opposite Al Qusais cemetery, as traffic in both directions came to a standstill.

In Dubai, an accident happened later at around 8.30am on Al Khail Road Dubai bound, towards Al Quoz.

Tailbacks also started to develp on Al Ain Road in the direction towards Dubai city after an accident took place near the intersection before Zayed University.

Another accident was also reported on Sheikh Zayed Road before the Al Barsha Salik Gate Dubai-bound, causing heavy tailbacks up to Al Barsha heights.

Dubai Police urged motorists to pay attention to the roads and drive with caution.

One of the driving methods suggested by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is defensive driving.

What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving goes beyond knowing the rules of the road and the basic mechanics of driving, according to the RTA’s light motor vehicle handbook. It is when drivers can recognise dangerous situations early enough to avoid them, despite difficult conditions or the mistakes of others.

Driving defensively is based on effective observation both to the front and rear and good anticipation and control of both yourself and your vehicle.

It is about always anticipating the actions of other road users and being prepared for the unexpected so you are not taken by surprise.

“Driving with responsibility, care, consideration and courtesy to others will help to reduce the risks. Looking 15 – 20 vehicles ahead will help you identify possible dangers and will give you more time to react,” said the RTA.

“Always drive at safe a distance from the vehicle ahead, and keep looking for changes of speed and position of other drivers. Driving too close makes you less aware of possible dangers, and lessens your reaction time if anything should happen suddenly.”

The RTA also recommended motorists to travel at the designated speed and in the correct gear for the conditions you are faced with. If other drivers make mistakes, help them instead of making it harder for them.

How to drive defensively


  • Concentrate on driving 100 per cent of the time.


  • Scan in front, beside and behind you.


  • Anticipate hazards early.


  • Let other motorists know what you are intending to do. Use your turn signals, horn, stoplights, headlights, hazard flashers and maintain your lane position.

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