Milind Soman on the age gap between him and wife Ankita: It is same as the difference ‘between my age and my mother’s age’


In a new video, Milind Soman and wife Ankita Konwar take upon the criticism they face over the age difference between them. Check it out here.

In an advertisement video for a toothpaste brand, Milind Soman has teamed up with his wife Ankita Konwar for a bold take on the stereotypes and taboos attached around marriages and relationships. The video defines how love should be and reiterates that age difference should not matter, as long as the people involved are happy. When had Milind announced his wedding last year, a lot of criticism came his way, mostly for the age difference between him and Ankita.

The video opens with Ankita and Milind sitting at a table in a beautiful living room. Milind starts reading comments from social media, addressed to the couple. From calling him an ‘old man marrying a young lady’ to calling Ankita a ‘gold digger’, the comments range from insensitive to simply judgmental and invasive. Milind responds to a few of the comments, with much class and attitude.

One of the comments reads, “Ankita should call him Papaji,” and after reading it, Milind winks and says, “She does, sometimes.”

We then see shots of Milind and Ankita spending quality time around the house and Ankita is heard saying, “If you are with somebody that probably the whole society is really really happy with but you are not happy, then what is the point?”

Milind goes on to say, “There is a big age difference, (26 years, Ankita chips in) So it is the difference between my age and my mother’s age.”

“Conventionally, society has created these barriers for people when they fall in love. These are the people who should be together, these are the people who should get together. Those are based on many things – race, religion, country, gender…I think there should not be any barriers. I think everybody should be free to choose who they love and who they like and that should be based just on feelings that they have in the heart, it should have nothing to do with the society,” Milind signs off.

Milind rose to fame with Alisha Chinai’s single Made In India and is now an avid athlete and adventurer. He married Ankita on April 22, 2018.

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