Meet Tile, a cheaper alternative to upcoming Apple Tag tracking device


Apple’s new tracking device will compete with Tile Bluetooth tracking device which is available in India for Rs 2,499. Here’s how the tracking device works.

Apple is said to be working on a new tracking device, dubbed as Apple Tag. The device is expected to launch alongside iPhone 11 smartphones at the company’s special event on September 10. Apple Tag is likely to be integrated with Apple’s revamped Find My application. Apple’s new tracking device will compete with the popular Tile, which recently launched in India.

Priced at Rs 2,499, Tile is a Bluetooth-based tracking device and can be controlled through a dedicated application. You can use the app to ping the Tile tracking device attached to your everyday items like keys and wallets and others. You can also ping the smartphone using the Tile tracking device.

The Tile tracking device has a range of 45 meters. The device measures 35mmx 35mmx 6.2mm and weighs around 6 grams. It comes with a replaceable battery as well. The connected application is available on both Google and Apple app stores. There’s also a premium version that gives more features.

How to use Tile
Download the official Tile app on your smartphone. Launch the app and choose the item you want to keep a track of. Pair your smartphone with the Tile app through Bluetooth. You will also need to give the app access to your location. To verify, press the button on the back of the Tile device to ring your smartphone. Note the ring comes within the app. This means you will need to open the app to mute the ring. You can also ring your smartphone even when you’ve set it on silent.

Top Tile features
The device allows you to ring your smartphone even when you’ve set it on silent. The app has a dedicated Map as well to locate your item. The device also comes with a proximity sensor which makes it easier for the device to track an item. The volume level increases as you go near the connected item.

If you use Tile Premium, you will get smart alerts, free battery replacement for a limited time, and 30-day location history. The Tile Premium is available for Rs 183.33 per month if you take the annual package. The monthly subscription fee is Rs 220 per month. You also get a free one month trial.

Google Assistant Integration
Ahead of Apple Tag launch, Tile announced deeper Google Assistant integration. After you’ve linked your Tile account with Google, you can just say, “Hey Google, ask Tile to find my phone.” Soon, you will be able to do the same by giving “Hey Google, find my phone.”

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