Last day to exit without paying fine is on Sept 10th.


Fines will start from 11th of September at 100 AED per day. The extension that began on August 11 will end on September 11.

Visitors or tourists in UAE whose visas expired after March 1 now have only today left to regularise their status or exit the country without incurring overstay fines.

The UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) in August announced a one-month extension for visitors whose entry permits expired after March 1.

The extension that began on August 11 will end on September 11.

“The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship extends the grace period for holders of expiring entry permits, starting from 11/8/2020 for a period of one month, with the aim of enabling them to leave the country with exemption from all fines during this period,” the ICA announced earlier in a tweet.

According to the ICA, visitors also have the option of staying in the country if they regularise their status by obtaining a visit or employment visa.

And if the visitor doesn’t leave the country or have their visa renewed, overstay fines will be implemented.

According to Amer centres, the penalty for overstaying is Dh200 for the first day and Dh100 per day every day after.

On July 10, the government of UAE had announced that “holders of the UAE’s visit or tourist visas that expired after March 1 must leave the UAE within one month from 11 July 2020. That is by August 11”.

The ICA has urged visitors to exit the country within the stipulated deadline which will help facilitate their return to the UAE.

The UAE Cabinet had issued a decision that cancelled all previously issued resolutions related to the residency of expatriates and validity of visas, entry permits and ID cards. The automatic extension of expired visas and IDs until December this year was withdrawn.

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