Kuwait & UAE advise citizens against travel to Ukraine


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The UAE embassy in Kiev on Saturday issued an advisory asking citizens to avoid travel to Ukraine.

It said Emirates’ citizens should postpone plans to go to Ukraine and provided those in the country with a phone number to contact.

Kuwait also asked its citizens not to travel to Ukraine, and advised Kuwaitis already in the country to leave.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Kiev urged its citizens to quickly get in touch to arrange their departure from the country, Saudi state TV reported.

Jordan also called on its nationals to leave Ukraine in light of the “current developments”, the foreign ministry said. It also called on citizens to postpone any plans to visit the country.

The advisories follow a US warning on Friday that an invasion by Russia could happen at any time.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that after months of building up its military forces on Ukraine’s borders, Russia had reached the point of being able to invade its neighbour in “a relatively near-term time frame”.READ MOREUS urges Americans to leave Ukraine as Russian invasion could happen at ‘any time’Russia says relations with Britain are ‘close to zero’British citizens told to leave Ukraine as Nato warns of possible Russian invasion

The US and several other countries — including the UK, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Japan and South Korea — have already asked their citizens to leave Ukraine.

The US embassy in Kiev said on Saturday that the State Department had ordered all non-emergency employees at the mission to leave “due to continued reports of a Russian military build-up on the border with Ukraine, indicating potential for significant military action”.

Russian and Belarus troops held joint combat training at firing ranges in Belarus as tensions remain high under the looming threat of war with Ukraine. AP Photo
A soldier drives an armoured vehicle at Brestsky firing range, Belarus. AP Photo
A Ukrainian serviceman carries out checks not far from the pro-Russian militant-controlled city of Donetsk, Ukraine. EPA
A Russian military vehicle drives off a railway platform after arriving in Belarus. AP Photo
A soldier takes aim during a Russian and Belarusian military drill at Brestsky firing range. AP Photo
A Ukrainian serviceman repairs a shelter near Donetsk, Ukraine. EPA
Aircraft are lined up on 'USS Harry S Truman' in the Adriatic Sea. The Truman strike group is operating under Nato command and control along with several other Nato allies for co-ordinated maritime manoeuvres, anti-submarine warfare training and long-range training. Reuters
Russian soldiers attend the Yurginsky training ground in the Kemerovo region, Russia. AP Photo
A Ukrainian serviceman lays flowers where one of his friends was killed in 2017 near Avdiivka. Anatolii Stepanov / AFP
A Ukrainian serviceman stands guard in a dugout on the frontline with the Russia-backed separatists near Avdiivka. AFP
This satellite image shows troops gathered at a training ground in Pogonovo, Russia. AP Photo

Russian and Belarus troops held joint combat training at firing ranges in Belarus as tensions remain high under the looming threat of war with Ukraine. AP Photo

UK junior defence minister James Heappey warned Britons that there would be no military evacuation effort in case they were caught up in conflict in Ukraine.

“British nationals should leave Ukraine immediately by any means possible and they should not expect, as they saw in the summer with Afghanistan, that there would be any possibility of a military evacuation,” he told Sky News.

Mr Heappey said no decision had yet been made on Britain’s diplomatic presence in Ukraine.

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