International Coffee Day: Four weird varieties of coffee we bet you didn’t know existed


The best thing about the brewed drink is that there is no specific way of preparing it. It can be hot or cold, viscous or sloppy, bitter or sweet, it can be however you want it to be.

Coffee isn’t just a drink. It’s a science, an art, a culture and passion for many. Once considered a drink only for the elite, coffee today can be afforded by all. The best thing about the brewed drink is that there is no specific way of preparing it. It can be hot or cold, viscous or sloppy, bitter or sweet, it can be however you want it to be.

A luscious cup of coffee besides being an amazing beverage serves various other purposes. From helping people in starting conversations, fuelling energy into the most slothful people, keeping students awake while studying for exams to fixing bad moods and infusing novel ideas upon a sip, numerous cups of coffee have helped us in incalculable ways.

Today is International Coffee Day and we would like to do our bit for all the coffee mavens.

Here are four unique varieties of coffee all coffee connoisseurs would love to try.

Kopi Luwak

The world’s most expensive and rarest coffee type, Kopi Luwak also known as civet coffee is made using cat-poop. The coffee is prepared using half-digested coffee cherries consumed and defecated by Asian Palm Civets. It is produced in Indonesia and is found in South and South-East Asia.

It all might sound creepy but the most astonishing fact is that a pound of the variety sells in thousands of dollars.

Silky Egg Coffee

Originally known as Cà Phê Trung, the Silky Egg Coffee is a type which is found in almost all cafés of Vietnam. It is more of a dessert. The legend goes that it was created post the war in the 1940s when there was shortage of milk. Founder of the Giang Café, who is also said to have prepared the drink for the first time, replaced the dairy product with egg yolks and his creation became a hit in the Vietnamese capital city Hanoi.

Egg coffee is made using fresh chicken eggs, sugar, milk and coffee. The milk, sugar and eggs are hand-whipped first and then, simmered for a while. After this, coffee is poured in the mixture and upon stirring forms a uniquely fragrant froth.

Nitro Brew Coffee

Made with a process similar to that of beer, Nitro Brew coffee gives a thicker mouthfeel than any of the varieties of coffee. Nitrogen is infused into cold brew coffee and then the drink is passed through a pressurized valve with small holes. The coffee is served straight from the machine and no ice is added.

The drink is said to be have been prepared for the first time in 2011 in New York’s The Queen Kickshaw Café. The drink became so popular that Starbucks introduced it in 2016.

Monkey Spit Coffee

In Taiwan, Formosan Rock Monkeys feast on the coffee cherries and leave the leftovers for the farmers. This used to be a problem until the farmers discovered that the leftovers were sweeter in flavour and had a unique vanilla aftertaste.

The coffee type is less popular than Kopi Luwak but has managed to find fans all over the world.

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