Hundreds of Emiratis get villas in Fujairah housing project.


Citizens completed the registration process and can expect the keys to their homes in the coming weeks.

Five hundred Emiratis have received their villa numbers in the newly developed Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed City, a Dh1.9 billion villa community in Al Hail area in Fujairah.

Many families checked their new homes and can expect the keys in the coming weeks.

The 2.2 sq km community was recently completed on the orders of President Sheikh Khalifa, to provide Emiratis with homes and improve the quality of life in the emirate.

Ali Al Dhanhani was one of the 1,100 Emiratis who received a text message last week to come and pick up his villa number.

“I was at work when I received the message. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I’m surprised,” said Mr Al Dhanhani, who has waited 10 years to hear this news.

“I didn’t tell anyone, not even my wife until I made sure that it is 100 per cent true,” he said.

Mr Al Dhanhani pays Dh55,000 a year in rent to live in a three-bedroom apartment with his wife and four children in Merashid area.

He visited the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development building on Wednesday where he completed paper work to get the possession of his house.

He randomly picked the villa number from a glass bowl.

“I was granted a five-bedroom villa,” said Mr Al Dhanhani, a 31-year-old Emirati who works at the UAE Armed forces.

“I’m planning to surprise my family by taking them to see the villa,” he said.

“Our rulers and leaders always think about us and our needs and we are very grateful for that,” said Mr Al Dhanhani.

A joint committee that includes representatives from the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court and the President’s Initiatives Committee has assigned the villas to eligible Emirati families while the Ministry of Infrastructure Development has handled the handover process.

Hundreds of Emiratis completed the week-long registration process which started on Sunday. Those who were unable to register can do it anytime with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

Sulaiman Al Dhanhani, who also works with the UAE Armed forces, was also invited to pick his villa number.

“I have waited for so long for this moment and I still can’t believe it,” said Mr Al Dhanhani, 41, who applied for a housing grant in 2015.

“We will finally move to a place that we can call home and leave the apartment that we are renting now,” he said.

Mr Al Dhanhani lives with his three children in a three-bedroom apartment and pays Dh52,000 rent. He was granted a five-bedroom villa in the community.

“The process was smooth. I can’t wait to take my family to see the city and our new house; they will love it,” he said.

The Emirati brothers were given the option to pick adjoining villas.

Owners can also switch homes under committee rules.

Umm Abdullah, a 43-year-old divorced Emirati mother of seven, was also granted a villa at the housing complex.

“I applied for a housing grant in 2012 and I’ve been granted a four-bedroom villa. I am thankful to our government’s efforts,” said Ms Abdullah.

Adel Al Dhanhani came with his wife to pick the number of their five-bedroom villa.

“It is going to be our big family house and my children will be excited to live in the city,” said Mr Al Dhanhani, a 44-year-old Emirati father of seven.

The completion of the community was announced on February 11. It will be home to 7,000 Emiratis.

The community includes 20 public parks, with more planned.

Schools, mosques, shops, a cultural centre and majlis are also expected to open “in time”.

The homes include three to five-bedroom villas and are fitted with fire alarm systems.

The UAE government allocates land or provides free housing or housing loan to deserving Emiratis.

At the federal level, Ministry of Infrastructure Development is responsible for providing homes to Emiratis.

Nationals can also apply for housing or residential lands through the Housing Allocation Committee at the Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA).

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