Here home remedies to avoid dry and flaky winter skin


Indu Saksena Bedi suggests a skincare routine perfect during the cooler months

The arrival of cooler months may bring cheer for many who may have been reeling under the summer heat, but they also bring with them a host of winter skin concerns. Right on top of the list of worries is loss of moisture from the skin – a condition that manifests itself through flaky or rough skin, or stretchy, dehydrated, dull and sallow skin.

Dry and flaky skin is a prime winter concern of many. The most effective remedy for treating this is to first adopt a new habit: Ensure your skin is pampered regularly with a hydrating cream barrier. Moisturising the skin with a rich hydrating cream immediately after washing your face can go a long way in protecting and preserving your youthful skin. Beauty experts suggest that this moisturising step be done within seconds of patting dry the skin with a towel. If there’s only one skincare ritual that you can do every day, then this should be it.

If earlier, steaming the face was something done only when you visited a facialist, that has changed today. A change that has been brought about in the present times (blame the pandemic for this) is the increasing number of times some people are resorting to steam inhalations.

To counter the drying effect steam inhalations can have on facial skin, slather your face with a rich oil product before inhalation. This will help create a protective skin barrier. However, those with oily skin can skip this piece of advice.

Incidentally, there’re quite a few home remedies right in your kitchen cabinet that can help keep your skin hydrated and supple during winter. Virgin olive oil is one. A handy make-up cleanser, it can be dabbed over the face and wiped off with a damp cotton pad to cleanse your face of make-up. Rinse with warm – not hot – water and finish with a good quality face wash. The oil easily removes waterproof eye make-up as well and your skin will thank you for this nourishing make-up removal step.

Overnight serums are also a great way to pamper the skin and allow the product to replenish the skin while you sleep. Every night, after cleansing your face of make-up and grime, use a serum with a dropper (be careful that you don’t contaminate it) and rest assured that it is doing its work well.

While consistency is key – meaning you need to use the serum reguarly – it is also important that you do not switch products frequently as this can have a negative effect on skin health too.

Take care of your skin during these times, and it will show results in years to come.

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