Google wants you to pronounce words correctly with its new practice feature


Google Search results for word pronunciations will now show a practice option for you to pronounce words correctly.

Google wants to help you pronounce words correctly with its latest feature. Google is integrating ‘Practice with Search’ for word pronunciation results. Google’s new pronunciation feature is an experimental one and it is currently available for American English and it will soon roll-out support for Spanish.

With the new feature users will be prompted to learn how to pronounce the word they searched. It will show up with ‘how to pronounce’ queries on Search. For example, if users type “how to pronounce quokka” on Google Search it will show a practice icon on the right side of the box. Users can tap on it and pronounce the word through their microphone.

Google will determine if you’ve pronounced the word correctly. It will also help you by pointing out which syllable is being pronounced wrong and how to correct it. Google will suggest help like – “Try to say muh instead of”.

to identify how users are pronouncing words and how to correct them. Google’s speech recognition separates words into individual sound bites and machine learning compares the user’s pronunciation to the correct one.

Google is also adding images to Search results for word meanings. Google will start with showing images for nouns and it will expand it to more categories in the future. Some words which spell the same but have different meanings will be shown with multiple images representing each meaning. Images for Search results will be available in English and all language translations on Search.

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