Google Play Store dark mode now available for older Android versions.


Android versions as old as Lollipop can now enable dark mode in Google Play Store app.

Google introduced system-wide dark mode last year with the Android 10 update. Android 10 users also enjoy dark mode on popular smartphone apps. Google has now added dark mode support for Play Store on older Android devices dating back to 2014.

Android devices running version 5.0 Lollipop and above can start using dark mode on Google Play Store. Android users can enable dark theme on Play Store by going to the settings menu and selecting theme from the list of options. Here, users can choose between light, dark and system default. On Android 10 devices dark theme can be enabled according to the system default option. On devices running below Android 10, they should see a ‘battery saver’ option.

Dark mode on Google Play Store has a light grey shade for the search bar. Other things like colours for text remain the same as seen on the light theme. Games and apps are recognized in green colour while movies and books are denoted by red and blue colours respectively. Text on the Google Play Store in dark mode is shown in white colour.

So far, dark mode has been rolled out only for Play Store on older Android devices. Other Google apps like Gmail, Chrome, YouTube already have dark mode but only for users on Android 10 devices. There’s no word on whether Google will extend dark mode availability for more apps but for now Android users can enjoy dark mode in Play Store.