Google Nest Mini vs Home Mini: What’s different


Google’s latest smart speaker in India is the Nest Mini. This also replaces the older Google Home Mini. We take a look at what’s different between the two smart speakers.

Google Nest Mini which succeeds the Home Mini is the latest smart speaker in India from the search giant. Google Nest Mini is available in India for a price of Rs 4,499 and it can be purchased from Flipkart.

Google Nest Mini looks almost the same as the Home Mini but it comes with major upgrades, as explained by Google. The Nest Mini is also priced the same as the Home Mini. We take a look at what’s different between the two smart speakers and how much of an upgrade is the Nest Mini.


Google Nest Mini and Home Mini look pretty much the same and will possibly be difficult to differentiate. Both smart speakers are made from durable fabric which is developed from recycled plastic. Colour options for the Nest Mini include chalk, charcoal, coral and sky. Google Home Mini is also available in the same colours except for sky which is replaced by aqua.

Dimensions for the Nest Mini and Home Mini also remain the same but the former is slightly heavier weighing 181 g. Both smart speakers still dawn the tiny circular shape and design.


One of the notable upgrades on Nest Mini is the bass output which is said to be double than that of Home Mini. Google Nest Mini is equipped to achieve 60-100 Hz at maximum volume. The Nest Mini can also adjust audio in noisy environments. Google Assistant on the Nest Mini will adjust the output sound according to the background noise.

The Nest Mini can also sense when a user is nearby and accordingly lights up the LED suggesting volume controls. Specifics remain the same with the Nest Mini and Home Mini offering 360-degree sound with 40 mm driver.


Google Nest Mini and Home Mini both come with Assistant integrated. Users can pair the smart speakers with Chromecast and use the voice-control for movies and TV shows. The Nest Mini and Home Mini can also play music from apps like Spotify, YouTube Music and more. The usual Assistant-powered features like weather updates, playing quizzes are available on both the Nest Mini and Home Mini.


The Nest Mini comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac support. The Home Mini has Bluetooth 4.1 support. Both smart speakers are compatible with Android and iOS devices. The Nest Mini and Home Mini can be controller with capacitive touch buttons. As for voice control, Nest Mini has 3 far-field microphones while the Home Mini offers a 2-mic array.


Considering the Nest Mini is an upgrade over the Home Mini choosing which smart speaker to buy is a no brainer. Also the price of both the smart speakers is the same. Google Nest Mini comes with the same features but improved performance. Google Nest Mini would better compete with the Amazon Echo Dot.

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