Frozen 2 has three heroes, and Elsa is not among them


While Frozen 2 falls short of repeating the first installment’s success, in terms of narrative, it is not a bad film. And it is ably led by a few significant characters.

Sequels often do not live up to expectations, and Disney’s much-hyped Frozen 2 is no different. While Frozen 2 falls short of repeating the first installment’s success, in terms of narrative, it is not a bad film. In fact, it is as entertaining as they come; just not a great follow-up act. And there are three things that make Frozen 2 a fun ride — Anna, Olaf and the spellbinding visuals.

Frozen 2 takes off three years after the events of Frozen. Things have finally fallen into place, the gates have opened and Anna has helped Elsa realise what a difference she can make with her powers. However, that happiness is short-lived as this time around, Elsa is on a quest to find out the source of her powers. After all, what makes Queen Elsa, a mortal being, magical in the first place? Why was she bestowed with these gifts? The rest of the plot attempts to fill in the gaps. As it was true in the first part, so it is in the second — without Anna, there would be no Elsa. What is interesting about this sentence is that we all know (at least those who are familiar with the storyline) that Anna possesses no magic. She is just someone who is filled with love for people around her and especially dotes on her dear sister. (SPOILER) And once again, it is the courageous but fallible Anna who comes to Elsa’s rescue in times of need. And this is a lesson that we all need to take into account sometimes – We don’t need to be extraordinary to make something happen. All that is needed is the spirit and strength to rise up to the challenges of life.

Another character that makes Frozen 2 immensely watchable is the talking snowman Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad). He has the most hilarious lines and more than makes up for the parts that are not as exciting. There is one particular scene that comes to mind. At one point, Olaf recounts the events of the original film by quickly changing get-ups and modulating his voice to narrate the story. It is sidesplitting. Olaf’s ability to find the funny in dangerous situations is at once adorable and comical.

The third element that makes Frozen 2 a spectacle in every sense of the word is the visual effects. Bigger and better than the first one, my favourite bit was the horse Gale — made entirely out of water. Gale rushing into the sea with Elsa on its back, Gale standing on Elsa’s chest while she tries to make sense of things — nothing short of cinematic brilliance.

However, the story is too simplistic and the resolution, even more so.

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