Final Assam NRC list, with 1.9 million exclusions, published online


Assam NRC: Individuals can now check the status of the applications by their families together on by keying in their application receipt number.

A final Assam citizens’ list reflecting the inclusion and exclusion status of over 33 million applicants was published on Saturday on the National Register of Citizen (NRC) website, weeks after the list that excluded over 1.9 million people was published.

Individuals can now check the status of their families together on by keying in their application receipt number.

“This list does not affect the result in any manner. This is just a consolidated list where all applicants from a family who have the same application receipt number (ARN) can check their status together online through their ARN numbers. Those who were at the risk of being excluded were able to check their status earlier in the supplementary list,” said an official familiar with developments on condition of anonymity.

Earlier, on August 31, when the office of Prateek Hajela, the state coordinator of the NRC announced the publishing of the final NRC, they only published a supplementary list of inclusion and exclusion status online.

The supplementary list only had names of those who submitted claims after their names were not included in draft NRC, those against whom objections were filed against their inclusion in the draft NRC, those whose names figured in the additional draft exclusion list published on June 26 and those who were called in for hearings post July 5 after their inclusion in the draft NRC came under a shadow of doubt.

Hajela’s office had earlier clarified that those who had their names in the draft NRC and who were not called for any hearings post July 5 need not worry about the supplementary list as they would continue to be included in the NRC. The number of NRC applicants stood at 33,027,661, officials said.

Those excluded from the NRC have the option of filing appeals in the foreigners tribunals, the quasi judicial bodies after receipt of the certified copies of rejection from Hajela’s office.

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