Family and friends come first for voters during FNC elections


Voters said they were supporting candidates with whom they share a personal connection.

On the third day of Federal National Council (FNC) elections, voters said they were supporting candidates with whom they share a personal connection – work relations, family, tribal connections or friendship – rather than the electoral agenda.

One of the oldest voters in Sharjah, Aisha Abdullah Al Mutawa, 92, said she came to the polling station to vote for her son.

Hassan Al Harmoodi, 63, said he came with his three daughters to cast vote for his sisters. “My sister deserves my vote as she has experience in national participation and community development.” His three daughters will give their votes to his other sister, who ran for election in compliance with the government’s decision to empower women politically.

Mariam Mousa Al Sharhan is voting for her manager at work as she is confident of his competence and ability to serve the community. She added that his electoral agenda was exceptional and different from the election programmes of other candidates.

Marwa Ammar said she came with three of her friends to vote for their former co-worker, in support of her convincing electoral programme as well as her long professional experience.

An elderly voter, Ahmed Al Kutbi from the central region, said he was joining people of his tribe to cast vote for a candidate, also from his tribe, as he hopes that their collective votes will later be translated to addressing their needs and demands.

Meanwhile, Essa bin Hanzal, member of the National Election Committee (NEC), said the second and third day witnessed massive turnout at the Sharjah Chess Club, one of the polling stations in the emirate. While many people have voted for their candidates based on relations, there is a majority of people who have voted for their ideal candidates, based on their electoral agenda.

He also noted that the committee has not detected any violations during the last three days of polling process.

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