Expo 2020 Dubai: New Gotham City pavilion opens to celebrate release of ‘The Batman’


There’s a new pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, and it’s set to transport superhero fans to the shadowy world of Gotham.

The Gotham City Pavilion has opened within the Opportunity District of Expo to celebrate the upcoming release of The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson.

The pavilion features statues of Batman as well as interactive elements like the famous Bat signal. Photo: supplied
The pavilion features statues of Batman as well as interactive elements like the famous Bat signal. Photo: supplied

Visitors will be tasked with saving Gotham City by solving a series of riddles, which will give them a shot at winning a prize from Batman’s private collection, with collectable posters, official movie merchandise and special-edition comics up for grabs.

With its exposed concrete walls, multi-monitor computer and chalk-drawing covered floor, the dimly-lit pavilion pays homage to the famous Batcave, complete with life-size Batman statues and indoor Bat-Signal projections.

Speaking about his inspiration for the Batcave design, the film’s production designer, James Chinlund, says: “I remembered there’s an underground train station at the Waldorf Astoria in New York and the myth, which I think is true, is that there’s a train parked there all the time for whenever the President is in town and if there’s ever an emergency, they could take him through this secret tunnel at the Waldorf and it would get him out of town discreetly.READ MORE50 things to do at Expo 2020 Dubai before it ends on March 31

“I always loved that idea and thought it was so romantic. I thought that if you were the Waynes and you had created this city, you would probably have your own secret train terminal under the tower.”

Visitors to the pavilion will also be able to watch the film’s official trailers, and take pictures using special AR filters and Social Lens.

The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, is set to hit cinemas across the UAE on March 3. Visitors to the pavilion will be able to book advance tickets for Vox screenings at the site or online via the app.

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