Event: International 3D artist festival in Dubai


Artists from around the world brought City Walk in Dubai to life as a 3D exhibition of their work opened to the public.

‘Travelling Through Art’ is a contemporary collection of murals presented in partnership between Dubai Canvas and Brand Dubai.

Mexican street artist and Guinness World Record holder, Juandres Vera brought his special blend of street art via his trademark style of creating immersive aesthetics and realism.

His designs allow onlookers to become part of the artwork, giving spectacular photo opportunities perfect for social media posts.

International Dubai based artist Milan will host live meditation, and experimental pendulum painting sessions using a spirograph to create artwork twice a day during the month-long festival.

Pavement art has become a popular addition to the street art scene, with festivals hosting the work of the world’s finest artists to showcase their work.

In Venice, Florida, artists broke the world record for the largest 3D street pavement piece, an 18,900 square foot illusion of the extinct Medalodon shark inspired by Kurt Wenner, the innovator of anamorphic pavement art.

The City Walk collection is on display until August 31.

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