Euro 2020: Feel the magic of Feeling Brasil at the Brazil Pavilion.


Brazil is a place of infinite wonder, where endless possibilities emerge, and diverse cultures intermingle to create a cohesive whole that stands as an example for the world to see and get inspired by.

With a history dating back thousands of years, Brazil is known for its biodiversity and also for its unique ingredients, flavours and recipes that are only now taking the world by storm, even though they have been appreciated and celebrated in Brazil for centuries.

There is no better way to discover Brazil than by immersing oneself into its nature, its culture and its traditions – in other words, to experience Brazil, you must Feel Brasil. In your body, in your mind, in your soul…

When you truly Feel Brasil, then the magic happens. Everything becomes possible. Obstacles disappear. New horizons open up. New opportunities beckon with open arms.

The stunningly constructed Brazil Pavilion, one of the glittering gems at the wonderful Expo 2020 Dubai event, is a living, breathing example of what Brazil represents and the message that it wants to convey to the world.

Visitors start off by entering an immersive audio-visual recreation of the Amazon basin, where they can walk through a layer of water on the floor as the sights and sounds of the rainforest are recreated for them by the use of advanced technology. Those wishing to relax can sway to the gentle breezes on the colorful hammocks strung on the pavilion floor.

The Pavilion also hosts multiple educational exhibitions that showcase various aspects of Brazil’s culture: for example, this month, the Pavilion is shining a spotlight on the country’s agriculture and food, which are central to Brazilian culture.

Onsite are also the elegant restaurant Nossa and the mini-padaria Cafezinho, both of which specialise in traditional Brazilian cuisine, allowing visitors and guests to savor the truly wonderful food of this diverse country.

Visit the Brazil Pavilion today to experience Brazilian culture and traditions like never before.

Feel the world open up to you. Feel Brasil.

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