Dubai: Police takes up action against unlicensed massage centres


People have been warned about the dangers of visiting unlicensed massage centres.

Force target operators and those who place the cards on car windows

Dubai Police have issued a warning against using the services of unlicensed massage centres, which draw customers through business cards placed on cars.

The warning is a part of the force’s ongoing campaign that has led to hundreds of arrests and disconnection of more than 3,000 phone numbers.

In the latest awareness campaign to alert the public about the dangers of visiting unlicensed massage centres, Dubai Police said besides facing legal action, people run the risk of being robbed or blackmailed.

Brig Jamal Al Jallaf, director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Dubai Police, said they would continue with their campaign to track down the centres and take action. Those distributing the business cards will also be booked, he said.

Over the past three years, Dubai Police have arrested 2,025 violators, 1,643 of whom were charged with breaching public decency, while 165 were detained for printing and distributing the cards. Police also raided 218 flats that were being used as illegal business points.

In addition, 3,114 phone numbers found on the cards have been disconnected.

“Not only do such cards promote illegal businesses, but [they] also contain indecent pictures that breach public decency,” said Brig Al Jallaf. READ MORE Man gets trapped in Dubai shop sign after climbing out of apartment Dubai Police return $9,000 to Bulgarian tourist Dubai Police launch e-scooter safety campaign following ‘severe accidents’

“Dubai Police will put an end to this uncivilised phenomenon that causes hazards to motorists and pollutes our beautiful streets.”

He urged members of the public to report unlicensed massage centres and card distributors by contacting 901 or the “Police Eye” service on the smart app.

Brig Al Jallaf thanked utility providers in the emirate for their assistance in the campaign against unlicensed massage centres.

He said all licensed massage centres were registered with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

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