Dubai: Pedestrian cross, Woman and dog killed at Palm Jumeirah, Police report


A woman died when she was hit by a vehicle on a pedestrian crossing on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah at the weekend.

The victim, from the Philippines, was walking a dog when she was struck by a minibus near Shoreline 12 around 9am on Friday.

A Dubai Police official confirmed the woman died but declined to give further details as investigations continue. No details of the vehicle or driver were released.

Witnesses who saw the aftermath of the accident described a woman lying in the road near a pedestrian crossing controlled by traffic lights.

One British man who lives nearby, and was with his young child at the time, said the vehicle involved was a small minibus used to carry construction workers.

“My wife came running into the apartment and said there had been an accident,” he said.

“The dog was lifeless in the road and the woman was around 30 metres further away.

“There was a small crowd and the emergency services began to arrive.”

Police interviewed witnesses and rook photos of the scene. The collision occurred on a clear day with good visibility.

“My nanny speaks to others on the Palm and they are a close group, they are all really upset and distraught about what as happened,” the witness said.

“The woman involved used to give spare clothes away and she was very well liked.”

The Palm has become hugely popular at weekends as new beachfront amenities have opened, including West Beach, leading to an increase in traffic.

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