DFC 2019: Weight loss leads man to launch healthy cafe in UAE


Mahesh was 172kg until last November when the 30X30 challenge was held. He is now down to 86kg.

Fitness is a way of life – and if you love yourself, you will do everything to shed those extra kilos and get in shape.”

This is the advice of 40-year-old businessman Mahesh Kumar who managed to lose a whopping 85kg in less than a year, thanks to the spark the Dubai Fitness Challenge ignited in him last year.

Mahesh was 172kg until last November when the 30X30 challenge was held. He is now down to 86kg.

Not only did he reduce his weight drastically – he also launched a restaurant that offers healthy food.

“During my weight loss journey, I would struggle to get healthy food other than protein bars and shakes. I did not like depriving myself of the food I loved, such as burgers, but I wanted to have a burger that was high on protein and low on carb. I realised it was an expensive affair as I was importing food from Europe and the US.

“So my struggle led me to start ‘The Flipside Rest-o-bar’ at Irish Village. At my restaurant, I do serve fries but they are air-fried. All meat served is alternate meat which also makes my restaurant the first-of-its-kind that serves plant-based meat. I believe in cooking the food right and serving it right.”

Losing weight has changed his life, he said.

“I am 40 but I feel like 20 now. Now, I want to go swimming and kayaking with my son. Earlier, I used to refuse every activity because I wasn’t fit enough. I still remember once we were supposed to take a ride together in Disneyland but I was unable to fit into the seat and was asked to get off. It was so humiliating for both me and my son.

“So, if you want to improve the quality of your life and of your loved ones, lose weight and get fit.

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