Coronavirus expert licks finger after telling people not to do it.


The expert shares a vital piece of information and asks people not to touch their face.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” probably no other phrase describes the video of this medical official better which has now gone all kinds of viral on the Internet. The video is of an expert warning people about what not to do to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In the video, the expert shares a vital piece of information and asks people not to touch their face. All seems well in the scenario, until, less than a minute later, she ends up doing the very thing she is warning people against. She licks her own finger while turning a page.

Identified as Dr. Sara Cody, the director of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, the video was captured during a recent press conference, reports Fox 13. In the video she says, “start working on not touching your face, because one main way viruses spread is when you touch your own mouth, nose or eyes.” Within seconds, however, she forgets to practice what she preached.

Many dropped all sorts of hilarious comments. Some, however, suggested that it shows how hard it is to avoid touching one’s face – even after being told not to do so for heath purposes.

“You’re not going to be able to not touch your face,” wrote a reddit user. “We can give all the warnings we want. It’s not going to matter, someone is going to do something stupid,” commented another. “My nose immediately after I hear that I shouldn’t touch my face: ‘I will now make the most irresistibly itchy itch’,” joked a third.

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