Coronavirus: Dubai residents hope for parking discounts as they #StayHome


Residents affected by the pandemic situation are hoping the authority would reconsider giving discounts.

As Dubai parking charges return to normal starting Sunday, April 26, residents have expressed concern about having to shell out more in fees as they #StayHome.

According to an announcement made by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), “the public parking fees will be back to normal, starting Sunday, April 26 from 8am until 6pm, and the second period from 8pm until midnight”. The authority earlier waived the charges from March 31 amid the Covid-19 outbreak and extended the free parking scheme until April 25.

Residents affected by the pandemic situation are hoping the authority would reconsider giving discounts.

A Greens resident whose family owns two cars told Khaleej Times: “My wife’s car is parked outside, so it will be subject to RTA parking charges. But we as a family are facing pay cuts. So, the (parking fees) accumulate to a significant amount when cars are parked outside for days.”

Aarti, a Barsha Heights resident who also has two vehicles, has similar woes.

“Either my car or my husband’s car is parked in the building’s parking area. One car is always outside in the RTA parking. But in this pandemic situation, when majority of people are experiencing pay cuts, I would request the authorities to continue with parking and public transport discounts,” Aarti said.

With the resumption of public transport services, commuters also wish there could be discounted fares.

Gopal, who works for a construction company, has to go to the downtown area for work daily. He usually rides a taxi to reach the nearest Metro station from his house. But now, he said, every penny counts especially amid financially uncertain times.

“My wages have been cut drastically due to the current situation. I have to keep a strict tab on how much I can spend on food and public transport. It will get difficult now as transportation tariffs also need to be factored in once again with things gradually reopening but salaries have been halved,” Gopal said.

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