Coronavirus: Dubai employers must renew health insurance of employees.


DHA ask employers to not allow employee insurances to lapse.

Dubai: Despite most offices being closed because of the pandemic, it is essential that both employees and employers continue to renew the mandatory health insurance and do not allow it to lapse, a top official said.

Saleh Al Hashemi, CEO of Dubai Health Insurance Corporation (DHIC), said it was important that all stakeholders comply with the mandatory health insurance scheme, which is in line with Health Insurance Law No 11 of 2013.

“We fully recognise the challenges faced by organisations, sectors and communities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we must comply with the basic needs of employees, which is mandatory health insurance. Therefore, if an employee’s policy needs to be issued or renewed, the employer or sponsor should fulfill his obligation,” Al Hashemi said.

He stressed that patients require health insurance to receive care across government and private hospitals and health centres.

He also urged businesses and companies to meet the minimum insurance criteria to ensure they do not burden the health system.

Al Hashemi added that these were unprecedented times and humanity would overcome this global challenge, but in the meantime everyone was required to move ahead keeping their responsibility in mind.

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