Company sells goods in UAE, then asks staff to steal it


They were caught even though the affected parties never complained to the police.

Sharjah Police have arrested three employees – all Asian men – who were assigned by their company to steal power cables and other electricity materials from under-construction buildings in the eastern region of the emirate.

The company, which dealt in electricity connection tools, would supply the materials to the under-construction sites and then get them stolen by its staff. After this, the owners of the under-construction buildings would be informed that the materials were stolen to make them buy the goods again from the same company, investigations revealed.

During interrogation, the trio told the police that they were instructed by the company to install power connections in the buildings and steal cables, sockets and other electricity materials from the sites.

Colonel Ali Alki Al Hamoudi, director of the Eastern Region Police Department, said that the Sharjah Police busted the racket, even though the owners didn’t report about the thefts to the cops.

He pointed out that the patrols of the Dibba Al Hisn Police Station nabbed the three Asians after they suspected their movements in the under-construction building zone. The police spotted one of the suspects carrying a large, heavy bag. They stopped the men, who feigned ignorance about the material in the bag and pretended that they couldn’t speak English or Arabic.

The suspects were taken to the police station. On being grilled, the trio spilled the beans. They told the police that they have been “doing this for a long time” and the owners kept buying the materials from the company again and again without reporting the matter to the police. The suspects were detained and referred to the public prosecution.

The Sharjah Police have warned the owners of under-construction facilities not to fall victim to such crimes and verify the nature of individuals and companies they deal with. The owners should keep the construction materials and electricity materials in warehouses secured by a guard to prevent thefts, the police added.

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