Combating coronavirus: UAE jobseekers remain optimistic, experts offer tips.


Companies in select industries in the UAE continue to hire despite the Covid-19 situation.

That’s the opinion of certain top headhunters and recruiters across the country who believe that in spite of layoffs in certain sectors, there are other industries which are benefitting from unique strengths and opportunities.

Gauging employer sentiment, recruitment agencies across the country say there is reason to be optimistic.

Aws Ismail, general manager of Marc Ellis, UAE, said: “There is a major focus on technology improvement for many companies, especially after the pandemic required companies to get their operations to be prepared for anything like this again, so they are heavily hiring for talent in technology.”

It’s said the boom in online shopping has supported the expansion of the courier pick-up and delivery services industry as well.

Ismail added: “I also noticed that through a helpline we have launched last month, many employers from delivery companies, logistics, and call centres approached us looking for people available immediately due to the urgent demand, so all hope is not lost.”

Tap into your network

Experts advise that jobseekers should reach out to their existing networks in order to maximise chances.

“Reach out to your ex-managers, co-workers and any recruiters you may have worked with in the past. Those people are your best advocates and know your strengths and can recommend you to someone in their network who is looking for employees”, said Ismail.

“I also advise that you use this time to upskill and develop yourself. Strengthening your profile and skill will only make you more desirable to employers when everything goes back to normal.”

Reflecting on the general slump, headhunters maintain it’s important we understand the current trend and gear our energies in that direction.

“We need to tread carefully in the current situation. There are certain industries which are facing a downturn but there are certain other skills and fields that are in demand. While schools are closed, online learning is on in full swing. While the aviation and hospitality industries have plummeted restaurants and online deliveries have surged and there is a similar pattern for several other things as well,” said Jaya Bhatia, founder of and

Bhatia opined the need of the hour is to adapt to the current climate. “Online meeting skills are vital now, excellent business writing skills are increasingly becoming imperative and customer relationship and client management is important than ever before.”

Focusing on how corporations are being agile and adapting to the change through investment in digitalisation, recruitment consultant at Huxley, Divya Shetty said: “There is a good demand for professionals involved in operational risk, cash flow analysis, strategy and social media. Additionally, retail inventory and healthcare have seen a sharp rise in demand for skilled workforce.”

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