Combating coronavirus: Let’s pray on May 14 to save humanity from Covid-19 pandemic


The world is facing a great danger that threatens the lives of millions of people around the world.

An invite has been sent out by the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity to people of all faiths to join a prayer congregation seeking the Almighty to end the Covid-19 pandemic.

The committee added that the world is facing a great danger that threatens the lives of millions of people around the world due to the growing spread of the virus.

The committee invited believers to make May 14 “a day for fasting, prayers, and supplications for the good of all humanity”.

“Each one, from wherever they are and according to the teachings of their religion, faith, or sect, should appeal to God to lift this pandemic off us and the entire world, to rescue us all from this adversity,” said the committee.

The committee called on people to ask God “to inspire scientists to find a cure that can turn back this disease, and to save the whole world from the health, economic, and human repercussions of this serious pandemic”.

It urged “all religious leaders and peoples around the world to respond to this call for humanity. “Let us together beseech God Almighty to safeguard the entire world, to help us overcome this pandemic, to restore security, stability, healthiness, and prosperity, so that, after this pandemic is over, our world will become a better place for humanity and fraternity than ever before.”

The committee was established last year as a concrete response to the Document on Human Fraternity signed by Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic Church, and Dr Ahmed El-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar. It comprises a diverse set of international religious leaders, educational scholars and cultural leaders who were inspired by the Document on Human Fraternity, and are dedicated to sharing its message of mutual understanding and peace.

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