Combating coronavirus: Abu Dhabi restricts entry, exit of workers


The steps are being taken to protect the health and safety of workers and to reduce the likelihood of infection.

Blue-collar workers cannot leave Abu Dhabi region and those from other emirates are barred from entering the capital as per a new rule.

“Companies are no longer permitted to send workers out of Abu Dhabi, and must limit their travel to within Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra,” the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development said.

Also, entry of workers from other emirates into Abu Dhabi is restricted.

“The precautionary and preventative measures are taken to protect the health and safety of workers from the spread of the coronavirus and reducing the likelihood of infection.”

Companies have welcomed the move as a much-needed restriction for everyone’s safety.

Louis Kuriakose, managing director, Sunrays Metal Fabrication, Mussafah, said the measure is a timely one. “Abu Dhabi government has taken this decision with everyone’s best interest in mind. It is important to contain the spread of this virus. So such strict measures will help in that regard.”

Kuriakose, a recipient of the long-term residency gold card, has taken extra precautions and temporarily shut his company.

“Life is more important than any profit margin. We have to stay indoors to stay safe.”

Sunij Jacob Chacko, general manager, EMCC Company, said the firm was taking all necessary precautions to abide the new rules and trying to manage affairs.

“We have sites in other emirates where our engineers used to go from here. So we have initiated changes. We are trying to find accommodation in those sites be it in Dubai and within Abu Dhabi region. We hope our clients and main contractors show some understanding with respect to cost implications and deadlines,” he said.

Another supervisor of a construction company said the new restrictions will hamper their operations but are to be taken for everyone’s safety. “We are running in loses. This will add to our burden. But we understand that such measures are required as the number of positive cases rise. We take all necessary measures here at our site. We all hope there is an end to this fight.”

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